Writing about Scholarship from a Different Perspective

After I defended my dissertation, summer was a whirlwind. I recently relocated to the Washington D.C. area to join the staff at the National Communication Association (NCA). NCA is a scholarly and professional organization for researchers, teachers, and practitioners in the field of Communication. You can learn more about NCA in the video below.

I am currently working as the Content Development Specialist for NCA. I write content for NCA’s website and social media pages. I have already written two articles for Communication Currents, an NCA publication that summarizes recent research in Communication.

One article focuses on how campus carry laws have affected instructors. Researchers interviewed instructors at a university in Texas and found that most felt unsafe after the passage of a law that permits concealed carry of guns on campus. Some teachers even changed their teaching practices because of the possibility that students might carry guns. You can read about the ways that instructors reacted to the campus carry law on NCA’s website.

The second article focuses on how John Oliver uses trolling tactics on Last Week Tonight to propel social change. The article breaks down a few common trolling tactics and explains how Oliver has used those tactics effectively. It’s a great read if you enjoy late-night comedy.

I will try to keep this site updated with interesting writing, especially from Communication Currents. I’m really enjoying my work at NCA, and I’m excited to see where this position takes me.