Academic Research

My research has focused on journalism, media, and public relations. I have regularly presented my research at academic conferences where I honed my public speaking skills in addition to my research skills.


Book Chapters

“Who Owns the Media,” in Communication 102 Textbook (Champaign, IL: Stipes Publishing, 2017), 57-63.

Book Reviews 

Review of Agency and Participation in Childhood and Youth, Education Review 22 (September 2015).

Review of Political Marketing in the United States, Communication Booknotes Quarterly 46, no.3 (July-September 2015): 90-91.

Conference Presentations

Discussant  – “Updating the Playbook: Student Worker Unions in the Neoliberal University” (National Communication Association Conference  2018)

“The Military-Industrial Complex and Professional Communication: Developing Ethics for Peace” (National Communication Association Conference 2017 – Top Paper Panel Communication Ethics Division)

“All Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”: Lobbying and Equality in the American Democracy (National Communication Association Conference 2016)

What Exactly is Lobbying? The Relevance of Hugo Black’s Investigations into Lobbying (National Communication Association Conference 2016)

Exerting Control over the Colonial Press: The Legal Development of Norms and Normative Theory (Central States Communication Association Conference 2015).

Creating Practical Radical Journalism: Applying Grounded Practical Theory to Journalism (National Communication Association Conference 2015)

Visually Constituting a Social Movement: The Political Cartoons of Huey Long’s The Louisiana Progress (National Communication Association Conference 2014)

The Rebirth of Democratic Knowledge: Digitization, the Postal Service, and the Newspaper Industry (National Communication Association Conference 2014 – Top Paper Communication and the Future Division)

Corporations or Predators? Who’s the real threat to children’s privacy online? (National Communication Association Conference 2013).

Third Party Sharing: The Threat to User Privacy (Western States Communication Association Conference 2013 – Top Paper Panel Legal Communication Division)